Puff Juice
Amnesia Haze

A complex combination that provides a distinctive and lively aromatic profile. One of the most iconic and legendary strains is finally available in juice!

Puff Juice - Amnesia Haze Mix & Vape

Puff Juice Amnesia Haze is one of our best weed-type aromas, and it's simply amazing. Enjoy the intense and unique taste. Feel the depth of this cannabis aroma and its similarity to the real thing. The Amnesia Haze aroma is a complex olfactory bouquet that captures the distinctive characteristics of the homonymous cannabis strain. Dominated by earthy and woody notes, it creates a robust and enveloping foundation. These elements are often balanced by citrusy nuances, with lemon adding a fresh and vibrant touch. The overall aroma is intense and rich, offering a combination of earthiness and citrusy freshness. This aromatic depth aims to evoke the complete sensory experience associated with the Amnesia Haze variety.

The Puff Juice aromas are composed of propylene glycol, CBD, and natural flavors. Puff Juice aromas do not contain any chemicals or solvents. The kit also includes a 20 ml glycerol bottle.

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Ingredients Propylene glycol, Isolate CBD (99%), Terepenes
Format  40 ml 
The Kit includes Aroma 20 ml + Glycerol  20 ml 
Keep away from children, no consumption during pregnancy.

  • 100% Legale
  • 100% Certificata
  • 0% Metalli Pesanti e pesticidi chimici
  • OGM Free
Infiorescenze di Cannabis Sativa L. per usi permessi di cui la legge 242/16 derivate da floricoltura ed iscritte nel catalogo comune delle varietà da agricoltura, per uso tecnico, ricerca e sviluppo o collezionismo e non destinate all'uso alimentare e farmaceutico. Prodotto non stupefacente, THC nei limiti di legge, vedi analisi.