CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Discover the virtues of our CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains CBD from a 100% natural hemp extract, rich in cannabinoids and not psychoactive. This oil is processed in such a way as not to lose its properties and preserve the quantity of cannabinoids and is made in Italy with extra virgin olive oil from the Umbria region.

This CBD extract is extremely pure because it undergoes a meticulous purification process to eliminate any natural impurities normally found on hemp plants. This product - available now for all Cannabe retailers - is obtained from raw materials from organic farming, grown without the use of chemical treatments.

Thanks to this natural ablation process, a very high quality gold-colored oil is obtained, and - thanks to the decarboxylation process - the inactive CBDa becomes precious active CBD which guarantees all the beneficial properties of the oil and a high concentration of CBD.

Terpeni Plus

CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil enriched with terpenes

Cannabe's CBD Extra Virgin Oilive Oil is made even more valuable thanks to the addition of naturally occurring terpenes in the plants of Canapa Sativa L..

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Quantity CBD in 10ml 3% - 10% - 20% - 30%
Ingredients Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic CBD, Terpenes
Packaging 10ml dropper bottle

To maintain the properties of this product, it is recommended to keep it away from sunlight, heat and moisture and store it in the refrigerator once opened.

This is not a pharmaceutical product and can not under any circumstances replace a medical treatment. It is recommended to always ask the opinion of your doctor and/or specialists regarding any diseases or health problems.
Topical use - discontinue treatment in case of unwanted skin reactions. Cosmetic products for external use, do not swallow.
Does not contain THC.

  • 100% Legale
  • 100% Certificata
  • 0% Metalli Pesanti e pesticidi chimici
  • OGM Free
Infiorescenze di Cannabis Sativa L. per usi permessi di cui la legge 242/16 derivate da floricoltura ed iscritte nel catalogo comune delle varietà da agricoltura, per uso tecnico, ricerca e sviluppo o collezionismo e non destinate all'uso alimentare e farmaceutico. Prodotto non stupefacente, THC nei limiti di legge, vedi analisi.