CBD Crystal 99% Clear

Pure CBD in crystals, without the addition of terpenes. Each package contains pure crystallized CBD in the form of clear powder, from certified plants.

CBD Crystal 99% Clear

These hemp crystals are made up of about 99.8% CBD and 0.2% terpenes present in the plants themselves. Each pack contains only Cannabidiol crystals (CBD) isolated from THC, therefore not present. CBD Crystal Clear contains over the CBD other phytocannabinoids and various terpenes.

Anhydrous extract of Canapa Sativa L. cultivated outdoors using sustainable organic farming techniques, it does not contain heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers or substances harmful to man and the environment.

Terpenes: myrcene, limonene, Alpha & Beta -pinene, Linalool, B-caryophyllene, caryophyllene oxide, terpinolene and humulene.

CBD Crystals, how to use:

The 99% pure CBD crystals enriched with terpenes produced by Cannabe can be used with a specialized device for the vaporization of oils or concentrates.

Concentration CBD +99%
Packaging 500mg, 1000mg
Non-synthetic product. Ideal for cosmetic use and inhalation using a vaporizer suitable for oils and waxes. Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture, once opened, store in the refrigerator. Non-psychoactive, does not contain THC, see analysis.
Check out our catalog of hemp flowers following the European legislation.
This product is not a pharmaceutical and can not under any circumstances replace a medical treatment. It is recommended to always ask the opinion of your doctor and/or specialists about any diseases or health problems.
Topical use - discontinue treatment in case of unwanted skin reactions. Cosmetic products for external use, do not swallow.
Does not contain THC.

  • 100% Legale
  • 100% Certificata
  • 0% Metalli Pesanti e pesticidi chimici
  • OGM Free
Infiorescenze di Cannabis Sativa L. per usi permessi di cui la legge 242/16 derivate da floricoltura ed iscritte nel catalogo comune delle varietà da agricoltura, per uso tecnico, ricerca e sviluppo o collezionismo e non destinate all'uso alimentare e farmaceutico. Prodotto non stupefacente, THC nei limiti di legge, vedi analisi.

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