Capsule Soft-Gel al CBD 20 mg

The quality of our CBD oils encapsulated in these Soft-Gel pearls


CBD Soft-Gels are soft capsules containing a specific formulation of cannabidiol (CBD) dissolved in hemp seed oil.
CBD Soft-Gels retain the distinctive characteristics of CBD, including its alleged ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system that regulates various physiological functions.
The capsule formulation offers convenience and discretion, allowing users to easily incorporate this cannabinoid into their daily routine.
Each package contains 60 capsules, each with 20 mg of our finest CBD in hemp seed oil.
The purity, organic and natural origin of the CBD used, and the high quality of the oil make the Soft-Gels a unique and high-profile product.
All the quality of our CBD oils is encapsulated in these precious Soft-Gel pearls.
Our CBD is extracted from legal Hemp Sativa L. plants, cultivated in open fields using sustainable organic farming techniques.
It does not contain heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, or substances harmful to both humans and the environment.

 CBD/Capsule  20 mg

Hemp seed oil, CBD, vitamin D3

Capsules: Modified food starch (Hydroxypropyl starch), Thickening agent Polysaccharide (Carrageenan), Pullulan, Coating: Cocoa Color and Glycerin.

Size/Format Package of 60 capsules.
To preserve the properties of this product, it is recommended to keep it away from sunlight, heat, and humidity.
Non-narcotic product.
To be considered for technical use, collecting, research, and development.
This product is not a medication and cannot, in any case, replace medical treatment. It is recommended to always seek the advice of your attending physician and/or specialists regarding any illnesses or health issues.
Not intended for food or pharmaceutical use.
THC content absent.

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60 Capsule Softgel al CBD 20 mg

  • 100% Legale
  • 100% Certificata
  • 0% Metalli Pesanti e pesticidi chimici
  • OGM Free
Infiorescenze di Cannabis Sativa L. per usi permessi di cui la legge 242/16 derivate da floricoltura ed iscritte nel catalogo comune delle varietà da agricoltura, per uso tecnico, ricerca e sviluppo o collezionismo e non destinate all'uso alimentare e farmaceutico. Prodotto non stupefacente, THC nei limiti di legge, vedi analisi.

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